Non-Medical Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the International Children’s Heart Foundation. We are in need of non medical volunteers to help with many aspects of ICHF operations including, but certainly are not limited to:

  • Grant writers
  • Public relations and communications specialists
  • Information Technology (IT) specialists
  • Office help for mailings, etc.

Volunteer ICHF Advocates to speak with groups in their towns about ICHF and its good work
Fund raising event planning and operations is another great way to assist ICHF. If you are looking for ideas to plan your own ICHF fundraiser or to volunteer for an already planned event, please contact the Executive Director. We ask that all fundraising initiatives and media outreach for events be communicated to the Public Relations and Events Coordinator in advance.

Our volunteers drive ICHF and allow us to keep its operating costs low. We appreciate your support and assistance. For more information, please complete the form below and click on ‘Contact Us’.

Thank you for your interest in ICHF.

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