Did you know that Europeans are already managing 1.2 billion cases of mild ailments on their own? More and more people are trying to take care of their health and minimize the risk of getting sick. However, many of them do not feel confident enough to do it on their own. July 24 marks the International Day of Self-Medication. On this occasion, we suggest how to take care of your health safely and responsibly.

With the beginning of July, Poland’s pandemic condition ended, which greatly changed our approach to health issues. The post-pandemic reality is conducive to strengthening the role of prevention. We have become more cautious and aware when it comes to physical and mental health issues. A holistic approach to health is no longer just a fad from the West. There is also increasing talk about the need to properly educate the next generation about prevention.

Bet on prevention

A report by Haleon, a consumer healthcare company, shows that in less than 30 years, 37 percent of Europeans over the age of 65 will suffer from at least two chronic diseases. And safely and responsibly supporting treatment, as well as taking care of your own and your loved ones’ health on a daily basis, can help meet the challenges facing our society.

I fully agree with the statement that „prevention is better than cure.” That’s why, as Haleon, we strive to ensure that treatment is not only limited to fighting diseases, but also helps to avoid them. It is worth remembering how important prevention and proper supplementation are. Especially since by 2050. 30% of the European population will be in the 65+ age group, and then the risk of disease is much higher.

Benefit from reliable knowledge

When treating minor ailments, the first step should be to consult a pharmacist, who can provide expertise to anyone. He or she can help you make the right choice of over-the-counter medication, explain its effects and choose the right dosage. This is a responsible and safe solution that further helps relieve the burden on health systems. Let’s not look for information on the Internet, when a reliable source of knowledge can be found on almost every corner – 58 percent of Europeans live within a 5-minute walk of a pharmacy. However, let’s remember that this applies to situations that do not require a medical consultation.

Take your health into your own hands

Take your health into your own hands

A balanced diet, regular preventive examinations, proper supplementation and daily exercise help maintain good health and well-being. Experts argue that at least 80 percent of cases of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and 40 percent of cancers can be avoided with proper preventive measures. All in our hands? Not quite – there are still factors we can’t influence, such as genetics. However, a lot really depends on ourselves.

Self-healing is possible when the patient has hope

A psychologist threw a rat into a vat whose edges were as smooth as glass. The rat swam back and forth in the icy water, trying to get out, but soon found that he was trapped with no way out. After 15 minutes, he began to sink. He was already lying on the bottom almost dead when he was fished out. Then another rat was thrown into the water. This one also began to sink after a quarter of an hour.

Then a board was given to him to climb onto. The rat crawled onto „dry ground” and shook itself off. After resting for a while, he was thrown back into the same vat. And then a remarkable thing happened: this time the rat swam for more than 60 hours without a break, until its body was completely exhausted! It looked as if he was kept alive by the hope that someone would give him a last resort again.