This Google map shows you where ICHF Medical Teams are and will operate in 2010. We are adding pictures, links and other information as it becomes available. Also, be sure to read about all our missions at Medical Mission Trips.                                                     


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North America (where it all started)
City, Country Operations
Memphis, TN, USA 78
City, Country Operations
Belgrade, Yugoslavia 90
Kemerovo, Russia 50
Kemerovo, Siberia 14
Kharkiv, Ukraine 78
Kiev & Kharkov, Ukraine 20
Kiev, Ukraine 87
Minsk, Belarus 369
Odessa, Ukraine 55
Sarajevo, Bosnia 51
Zagreb, Croatia 616
Central America
City, Country Operations
Kingston, Jamaica 15
Managua, Nicaragua 349
Santiago, Domincan Republic 19
Santiago, Dominican Republic 188
Tegucigalpa, Honduras 167
City, Country Operations
Almaty, Kazakhstan 63
Beijing, China 202
Chennai, India 19
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 16
Hyderabad, India 90
Nanjing, China 96
Pune, India 19
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 311
Shanghai, China 92
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 11
Wuhan, China 40
South America
City, Country Operations
Bogota, Colombia 345
Guayaquil, Ecuador 41
Lima, Peru 339
Maceio, Brazil 18
Santa, Cruz, Bolivia 12
Middle East
City, Country Operations
Bombay & Lahore, Pakistan 3
East Jerusalem, Palestine 16
Kuwait City, Kuwait 11
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 311
Sulimaniya, Iraq 12
City, Country Operations
Assiut, Egypt 28
Enugu, Nigeria 12
Khartoum, Sudan 102
Rabat, Morocco 29
All Countries