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Thanks to our sponsors Russian Gift of Life and Rotary 7250.


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Mission Detail
Place:   Kemerovo, Russia
Date:   01/23/2010
Sponsors:   Kemerovo Cardiac Center
Russian Gift of Life
Rotary 7250
Team Members:   16
Operations:   11
Mission Log

High of -24??????

Monday February 08, 2010 12:00:00 AM

Quote from Dr. Novick-

Well the heat wave continues in Siberia, up to -24 today. The team is in good spirits, all the children have done well, yesterday's Ross, the last of 3 cases returned to the ICU at 11;30 p.m. and was extubated at 2 a.m., she looks great this morning, how could anyone suggest a mechanical valve in a 10 year old girl?

Update from Kemerovo

Friday January 29, 2010 11:08:46 AM
The team has done 7 so far. Here's a quote from Dr. Novick "Doing a LPA from Aorta first today, 4kgs, then another AVCanal that I am going to let the local do, and I will just help. Then one on Saturday, 4 yo Ebsteins. Then 2 every day next week, then I will help them do 2 on Monday and Tuesday before leaving, altogether we should be able to do 22 including the 3 they did waiting on me to arrive. Should be a good trip, they are already wowwed by AVC I did yesterday who got extubated, and PA band that I talked them through, first one they have done."  Stay warm team!