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Mission Detail
Place:   Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Date:   08/29/2027
Sponsors:   National Institute of Heart Disease in Rawalpindi.
Two surgeries sponsored by the Galli Fund and Tiara Tea Society.
Team Members:   6
Operations:   17
Mission Log

Surgeries a success here in Pakistan

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:35:04 PM

From Frank Molloy, ICHF Nurse Educator.

 Pakistani child after surgery March 2008Pakistani child after surgery March 2008Pakistani child just out of surgery in ICUToday, Wednesday April 2nd, is the last day of surgery before we head home. We've been up almost 29 hours in the ICU helping the children through the post surgery hours. There are two more surgeries today, then we head home knowing we've brought new life and energy to 17 children from Apghanistan and Pakistan.

Nasseer says "Thank you"Raseda and Grandfather say "Thank you"Cousins Naseer and Rashida, who had their surgeries early in March and February, are now well enough for discharge. They'll be traveling back to their home town in Afghanistan, Mazar E Sharif, as soon as arrangements can be made. The children and families have written letters of thanks to their sponsors (the Galli Fund and the Tiara Tea Society) which will be delivered by ICHF staff upon our return.


Ambreen & Mah Jabeen - Pakistani ICU nursesWe've been treated wonderfully as friends and even family by the AFIC (Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology) here in Pakistan. We look forward to more mission trips and to helping more children of this area.

New ICU building progressing in Pakistan

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:35:04 PM

Dr. Itikhar Ahmed in PakistanWe talked with Dr. Itikar Ahmed recently here at the Pakistan Armed Forces Institue of Cardiology (AFIC). He reported that surveying is almost complete for the new Intensive Care building and that everything is on schedule for its compltion by the end of 2008.


Afghani cousins travel to Pakistan for ICHF surgery

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:35:04 PM

Naseer and his fatherNaseer, post surgeryNaseer, a boy of 14 years from in Afghanistan, was operated on today, March 25th here in Pakistan. His surgery corrected a Tetralogy of Fallot. This was his second operation. His first was a shunt opration in Iran in 2002. He should be up and walking around tomorrow. Dr. Novick was assisted by two Pakistani surgeons, Inam Ullah and Shahid Nafees. His surgery is sponsored by the Galli Fund. His father is here with Naseer.


Radeda with her grandfatherRashida, a sweet girl age 2 1/2, Naseer's cousin, is here with her grandfather.They live in the same town in Afghanistan. She has an Atrial Septal Defect. Her surgery is scheduled for Friday, March 28th. She will have a cardiac catheter implantation which shouldm ean a fast recovery with less pain and discomfort. The local cardiologist Maad Ullah will perform the surgery.  Her surgery is sponsored by the Tiara Tea Society.


Mission Team

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:35:04 PM

This team consists of two members from England and four from the United States.

William  Novick, Surgeon
Frank  Molloy, PICU Nurse
Martina Pavanic, OR Nurse
Elaine Gorman, RT
Bettina Huse, Intensivist
Deborah Adams, Perfusionist