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Mission Detail
Place:   Nanjing, China
Date:   09/28/2014
Team Members:   16
Operations:   16
Mission Log

The team has already arrived in Nanjing

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:44:47 PM
The team has already arrived in Nanjing and everyone is hard at work. They will stay until April 21st and operate on children at Nanjing Children's Hospital. Team members include: Dr. William Novick, Martina Pavanic, Dr. Kent Thornburn, Dr. Youqi Han, Dr. Robert Arnold, Dr. Giritharalingham Gnanalingham, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed, Steven Moss, Mat Bohach, Jacqueline Lara, Robin Pharney, Trisha Evans, Monica Belisle, Susanne Carlsen, Karen Widdis and Christel Nykiel.