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Mission Detail
Place:   Santiago, Dominican Republic
Date:   04/12/2008
Sponsors:   Edwards Life Sciences, Rotary chapter #7470 & #7980 Gift of Life Program
Team Members:   15
Operations:   15
Mission Log

ICHF board member travels with medical team

Sunday July 06, 2008 07:53:07 AM

Bret Rodriguez, ICHF board member, visitsIt's an exciting time in the Dominican Republic as its new cardiac care center nears completion. Bret Rodriguez, an ICHF board member, accompanied the medical team on their April 2008 trip. He visited the children and their families before and after surgery.




 Bret, Dr. Ramirez and Pedro Rosario

During the trip he met with Barcardi's country manager, Mr. Pedro Rosario and the president of ProCigars Dominican Republic, Mr. Hendrik Keltner to finalize plans for their participation in the Taste of Caribe, ICHF's spring fund raiser.



He also met with Santiago cardiac doctors Dr. Ramirez, the center's director, Dr. April, 2008 Santiago, Dominican RepublicYssacc Herrera, and the nursing staff who are being trained by ICHF. The group picture to the right shows the medical team, the parents and the 15 chidren who received a new lease on life this trip. They were interviewed by ten local radio and TV stations.

Medical Team

Sunday July 06, 2008 07:53:07 AM

The medical team for this Santiago trip included the following:

  • Rodrigo Soto, Surgeon
  • Carlos Riquelme, Anesthesiologist
  • Sergio Cisterna, Perfusionist
  • Siok Chew, OR nurse
  • May Chan, OR nurse
  • Gabriel Muñoz, Intensivist
  • Jose Irazuzta, Intensivist
  • Yenny  Valdes, PICU nurse
  • Vanessa  Castro, PICU nurse
  • Jamie Williams, PICU nurse
  • Bonnie Christie, PICU nurse
  • Sharon Levy, PICU nurse
  • Frank  Molloy, PICU nurse
  • Sharon Farley, RT
  • Daniel Aguirre, Cardiologist