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Mission Detail
Place:   Minsk, Belarus
Date:   10/28/2016
Sponsors:   U.S. Stae Department Grant
Team Members:   11
Operations:   13
Mission Log

Young woman to receive surgery after wedding

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:38:40 PM

Elena received her life saving heart surgery four years ago (2004) at age 15. Now, at 19, she plans to get married in July, but her heart valve sprang a leak and she needs a second operation to repair it. The team was going to operate on this trip (May, 2008), but advised her she could wait until after the wedding.  Elena and her mom discussed it and agreed that she will return after her wedding for a September operation. We all look forward to seeing the wedding picturesand fixing that valve in September!

Severely underweight child healthy for first time

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:38:40 PM
Timothey Pavlovich and Mom, 2007Timothey Pavlovic was severely underweight (only 4.7 kg -10.4 lbs) and had spent 5 of Timothey Pavlovich and Parents, 2008his 9 months in hospital when Dr. Novick and the medical mission team operated in November, 2007 (left picture). His mother and father brought him back to the hospital this May to show Dr. Novick that Timothey is now growing (7.5 kg - 16.5 lbs.), walking with a baby walker, and healthy. He'll be running around in no time!

Third surgeries to mend Kristina

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:38:40 PM

Frank Molloy, ICHF ICU Clinical Educator and Coordinator, reports from Belarus.

Kristina Radchenko and Mom, Nov. 2007Little Kristina Radchenko had her third heart operation to repair a tricuspid valve at Kristina Radchenko and Mom, 2008age 2.5 last November, 2007 (picture at left) by the ICHF team.  She returned to visit Dr. Novick during this mission trip (picture on right). Kristina, pictured now with her mother is 3 years old and is both happy and healthy.

First three patients are cuties!

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:38:40 PM

All children are beautiful, but our first three patients here in Minsk this May are truly exceptional.  All have left the ICU and are doing well. In order of appearance they are Lisa, age 6, Irina, age 19 months, and Ilona, age 7 months. Lisa_Belarus_2008 Irina_Belarus_2008Ilona_Belarus_2008







Yes, that's me, Frank, in the last picture!

Medical Team Members

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:38:40 PM

This medical team is led by Dr. William Novick. On this trip there was a special team - the ECMO team. EMCO stands for "extracorporeal membrane oxygenation". EMCO is used to put a child on the heart-lung machine in the ICU, usually when the lungs are not working well or to give the lungs time to heal after the operation. The ECMO team teaches the local medical personnel how to hook the children up to the machine and how to monitor them while they are on it.

  • William Novick, Surgeon
  • Martina  Pavanic, Scrub nurse
  • Michael Tsifansky, Intensivist
  • Alia Dennis, Intensivist
  • Amanda Prisant, PICU Nurse
  • Frank Molloy, PICU Nurse
  • Karen Widdis, PICU Nurse
  • Bettina Huse, Intensivist/ECMO
  • Craig McRobb, perfusionist/ECMO
  • Maura O'Callaghan, ECMO specialist
  • John Cornell, RT/ECMO