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Mission Detail
Place:   Odessa, Ukraine
Date:   08/10/2008
Sponsors:   Chernobly Children's Project International.
Team Members:   17
Operations:   14
Mission Log

Trip Update From Frank

Wednesday August 20, 2008 09:08:50 AM

We are now in our second week of the trip. Two surgeries are happening today and three tomorrow. Nine operations were done in the first week, and all of the children are doing well. All from the first week have left the ICU, and most walked out of the ICU on the first day. The local team is seeing many new developments, including, having parents in the ICU with their children. They seeing a much quicker recovery in their children from some new practices, techniques and thinking that have been part of the work of the first week.

Additionally the team has consulted and managed a baby, Margerita, age 2 weeks with a complex heart defect who had been on a ventilator in the ICU the team was working in for over a week before the team arrived. A revised diagnosis was made and changes were done to the baby's medical management and 2 days after the team arrived in the hospital the baby was successfully taken off the ventilator and will be discharged home today. She should not require surgery for some months.

Pictured Below Anna, 9 Months Old                                                                                                                      








Team List

Sunday August 10, 2008 12:48:09 PM
  • William Novick, Surgeon
  • Martina Pavanic, OR Nurse
  • Victor Baum, Anesthesiologist
  • Claudia Saze, Anesthesiologist
  • Shirah Shore, Intensivist
  • Yauheni Saslin, Intensivist
  • Tina Mattingly, PICU Nurse
  • Robin Pharney, PICU Nurse
  • Karen Kirby, PICU Nurse
  • Sara Snyder, PICU Nurse
  • Frank Molloy, PICU Nurse
  • Elaine Gorman, Respiratory Therapist
  • Mark Zilberman, Cardiologist
  • Roy Morris, Bioengineer
  • Sophie Baum, Child Life Specialist
  • Gordan Samoukovic, CV Resident