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Mission Detail
Place:   Santiago, Dominican Republic
Date:   02/27/2021
Sponsors:   Medical Supplies donation: $34,362
Helping Out People Everywhere Foundation
Edwars Lifesciences
Rotary District 7980 Gift of Life Foundation
Team Members:   17
Operations:   17
Mission Log

This is our 5th trip to Santiago

Sunday October 12, 2008 05:40:12 PM

The surgeries took place at the Hospital Infantile Regional Universitario. ICHF has now helped 91 children.

The medical team included:

  • Roxane McKay, surgeon
  • Rodrigo Soto, surgeon
  • Jennifer Liedel, intensivist
  • Alia Dennis, intensivist
  • Frank Molloy, PICU nurse
  • Kimberly Moore, PICU nurse
  • Amy Sherman, PICU nurse
  • Emily Hutchison, PICU nurse
  • Tara Egnor, PICU nurse
  • Tess Hunt, RT
  • Srinadh Rao, Cardiologist
  • Dennis Sobieski, perfusionist
  • Ryan Piech,  perfusionist
  • Martina Pavanic, OR nurse