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Mission Detail
Place:   Santiago, Dominican Republic
Date:   07/26/2008
Sponsors:   Edwards Lifesciences, Bacardi Dominicana, ProCigar, Rotary #7980 Gift of Life Program, and Rotary Club of Santiago Monumental.
Team Members:   23
Operations:   22
Mission Log

Trip Update

Saturday July 26, 2008 09:36:39 AM

The team arrived in Santiago, Dominican Republic on July 26.  In just 4 days of operating, they have  successfully completed 10 surgeries.  Pictured below are the first two children and our ICHF Team. 


                Medical Team                  

  • Humberto Rodriguez, Surgeon
  • Manuel Ochoa, Surgeon
  • Armando Guzman, Anesthetist
  • Ignacio Malagon, Anesthetist
  • Hugo Cardoso, Perfusionist
  • Patricia Liao, Intensivist
  • Jennifer Liedel, Intensivist
  • Deyanira Martinez, OR Nurse
  • Erin Brenner OR/PICU Nurse
  • Jose Manuel Yanez Sanchez, Cardiologist
  • Tracey Pope, PICU Nurse
  • Marilyn Rossi, PICU Nurse
  • Monica Gonzales, PICU Nurse
  • Jennie Sierra, PICU Nurse
  • Shamim Ullah, PICU Nurse
  • Cindy Thompson, PICU Nurse
  • Terry Madsen, Respiratory Therapist
  • Tageldin Ahmed, PICU Fellow
  • Kristen Prol, Student
  • Emile Prol, Parent
  • Angela Earhart, Intern
  • Jessica Moskovitz, Intern
  • Sandy McMahan ICHF Director
  • Lynda Hammond, Rotary Club