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Mission Detail
Place:   Hyderabad, India
Date:   08/27/2011
Sponsors:   Cure A Little Heart Foundation
Team Members:   6
Operations:   16
Mission Log

Day 2

Tuesday March 02, 2010 10:12:17 AM
Day 2 of Hyderabad, we have now done 5 children. The two from yesterday are dischaged from the ICU, the first case from today is extubated, the second case, a 3.4 kilogram baby with an Aorto-pulmonary window was close to extubation when the day team departed, and the third case a tetralogy of fallot had just returned to the ICU. All the children are fine. We have another 3 up for tomorrow, Thursday, Friday and on Saturday we plan 2 children. Hopefully we will provide operations to 13 or 14 children this week. -posted by Dr. Novick