Assiut, or Asyût, the largest city in Upper Egypt, is located about 190 miles south of Cairo.


Twenty-five percent of Egypt’s 71 million people live below the poverty line, earning less than $1 a day. In Egypt, 2.7 million children must work to help support their families. Unfortunately, 40 percent of rural school children are anemic due to malnutrition. The mortality rate for children under the age of five in Egypt is 41 per every 1,000 births, while the neonatal mortality rate is 33 per every 1,000 births, representing over 60,000 deaths per year.

 Medical Mission Trip:

March 20 – April 3, 2010

International Children’s Heart Foundation visited the Assiut Children’s Hospital, Assiut University in March 2010. The team, led by Dr. William Novick, worked alongside the local staff, teaching them the latest techniques in caring for children with congenital heart defects. During this trip, 14 children received operations that their families could never begin paying for. This trip would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors, including Gift of Life Northeast Ohio, District #6630.