Belarus National News Promotes ICHF Program

Wednesday April 30, 2008 04:12:27 PM

By the end of 2008, ICHF will have fully trained 35 doctors and countless nurses at the National Children's Cardiac Surgical Center in Minsk, Belarus. The last two trips by Dr. Novick and his medical training team are scheduled for May and October of this year.  The hospitals surgeons (12), anesthesiologists (6), intensivists (8), cardiologists (6), and profusionists (3) are now skilled and conducting all types of pediatric cardiac surgeries, except heart transplants. The interview video story below was broadcast over national news in Belrus last fall. It is in Russian, and there is no translator, but you can tell from the faces of the kids, moms, doctors and nurses, what having ICHF there has meant to them. 

If you have trouble wth the video stopping and starting, click here for guidance.