Dr. Hernandaz and OR staffThe following people are members of the Nicaragua Pediatric Cardiac Unit medical team.

  • Cardiologist: Dr. Carlos Duarte, Chief of Cardiology. He provides pediatric cardiology services in the short term while the hospital is looking for a second full-time cardiologist.
  • Surgeon: Dr. Sergio Hernandez, who has been working with the ICHF medical teams for some time and received recent training in pediatric cardiac surgery in Mexico. Dr. Hernancdez has moved from Leon to Managua to become the first surgeon mentored by Dr. Fenton.
  • ICU staff: Miram Chamorra and the nursing La Mascota staff provide intensive care services for the short term.
  • Perfusion: Dr. Edgar Chavarria is the perfusionist. He received an ICHF grant for six months of training at the national Heart Center in Lima, Peru.anesthesiologist
  • Anesthesiologists: Dr. Salamarca is Chief of Anethesai and leads the anesthesia team. Drs. Martinez and Rocha assist in the anesthesia coverage.
  • Hospital Administration: An upper level La Mascota hospital administrator provides continuity and serves as a liaison among the physicians, supporters and humanitarian groups.