Dominican Republic toddler operation postponed until next mission trip

Friday June 08, 2007 12:00:00 AM

Golbert Steven Roustand King
Age 3
July 30, 2007
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Hospital Infantil, Dr. Arturo Grullon

(Interview and translation by Rafael Torres, Ashley Long, and Josh Rubin)

Golbert's parents, Belhis King Zurrille and Julian Roustand, have searched for help for their toddler for sometime. They contacted many hospitals in several cities before they were directed to the Hospital Infantil and Dr. Arturo Grullon.

The boy's doctor told Belhis and Julian that their six month old son was ill. He was diagnosed with Bronchopneumonia and was treated for the condition; but Golbert did not improve.  He continued to have respiratory problems. Finally, another doctor diagnosed Golbert's condition to be a congenital heart condition (Ventricular septal defect -- VSD).

Dr. Glatz, an ICHF cardiologist, examined Golbert, confirmed the VSD diagnosis and recommended him for ICHF surgery.  Unfortunately, by this time the diagnosis was confirmed, the surgical list was completely filled for the current trip. Golbert and his family will have to wait until the ICHF team visits the Dominican Republic again.  Golbert will be at the top of the list!

We asked his mother, Belhis what her hopes are, she said, "I hope my son will grow up to be a good man who can study and work." Even though they live in Samana, which is four hours from Hospital Infantil, they will be there for the next ICHF medical team visit.