1996 Croatian Patient Now Happy Mother

Tuesday April 01, 2008 11:07:47 AM

Anita, husband and daughterAnita and her new daughterThis email was sent to ICHF March 28, 2008.

Dear Dr. Novick!

I hope you remember me, I am Anita Likiæ. You operated me 1996 in Zagreb (hospital Rebro,Carpentier ring). Last year I asked you for help. I was pregnant and I needed advice  [about whether I] should I have [a] caesarean section or natural birth. You recommended me to Dr.Maja Strozzi. At that time you asked me when I gave birth to send you picture of my child and me, and now I am sending you my little family. It's a girl. She was born 13 of March 2007. Her name is Michelle and her heart is healthy -- thank God. If I ever have a boy, I'll name him after you. And I am also very thankful for your help once again. There is nothing so deservingly like helping someone and you do that every day. You gave me a new life and helped me one more time with your advice. I love you so much and every day I pray for your happiness.

 Sincerely your"s Anita Likic