Our Executive Director

A Letter from our Executive Director, Terry Carter

Terry Carter with ChildDear Friend:

On behalf of International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF), headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., I thank you for visiting our website. In regards to all of the children with sick hearts from around the world who have been our patients, it is my sincere hope that you will help us continue to reach more of them. Your support will provide us with the resources to organize volunteer medical teams of professionals who travel far distances to underdeveloped countries in order to perform life-saving cardiac surgeries on hundreds of children who might not otherwise survive.

One child out of every 100 is born with a serious heart problem, and more than 6 million children are waiting for your help.

These children have amazing resilience as they undergo hours of surgery to correct disease and defects. Many of them endure long journeys to our medical mission sites and arrive feeling tired and weak. As they recover, they immediately feel so much better and are very excited to be on their way to begin a normal way of life. I think you will agree that all children deserve the chance to have a long life; however, without our state-of-the-art medical care, many of the children in the regions we serve wouldn’t stand a chance. Additionally, it’s much more cost-efficient for us to bring the care to them abroad than to attempt to bring them to the United States for surgery and follow-up care.

Thus, I’m asking you to join us by making a generous gift today. In addition to saving children, we’re also training local physicians and other health care professionals in their homelands so they can better address the future medical needs of their children. I’m confident that you can imagine how their parents feel, realizing that their children will grow up and experience a normal way of life as we know it. As an ICHF member, I’ve witnessed all of this good, and believe me, it’s nothing less than amazing! What’s more, we have you to thank for these miraculous transformations: It’s your support that makes all these wonderful things continue to happen around the globe.

We truly appreciate your time and consideration. Now, as our list of kids who need surgeries continues to grow, your support is more valuable than ever as we strive to increase our future medical missions and save the lives of more young people. I invite you to review the information about our foundation here on our website and consider making a much-needed gift of support through our “Donate Now” button or by mailing a contribution to our office. Please feel free to call me at 901-869-4243 for assistance or additional information. Our kids thank you in advance for your kindness!


Terry R. Carter

Executive Director