Our Hospital Affiliates

ICHF is always invited into a country by a hospital that partners with us. These positive and collaborative relationships not only save lives, but also utilize ICHF’s training programs to foster ongoing cardiac care in the communities these hospitals serve.

We thank these past and current affiliate hospitals for their strong support and participation in ICHF’s mission to save children with congenital heart defects.

City/Country: Minsk, Belarus
Hospital: Byelorussian Children’s Surgery Centre

City/Country: Beijing, China
Hospital: Beijing Children’s Hospital

City/Country: Nanjing, China
Hospital: Nanjing Children’s Hospital

City/Country: Shanghai, China
Hospital: Shanghai Chest Hospital

City/Country: Bogota, Colombia
Hospital: Clinica Shaio

City/Country: Bogota, Colombia
Hospital: Cardioinfantil

City/Country: Zagreb, Croatia
Hospital: Rebro University Hospital

City/Country: Santiago, Dominican Republic
Hospital: Hospital Arturo Grullon

City/Country: Guayaquil, Ecuador
Hospital: Hospital Francisco Ycaza de Bustamante

City/Country: Assiut, Egypt
Hospital: Assiut Children’s Hospital

City/Country: Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Hospital: Hospital Torax

City/Country: Hyderabad, India
Hospital: Star Hospital

City/Country: Basra, Iraq
Hospital: Basra Cardiac Center

City/Country: Najaf, Iraq
Hospital: Najaf Cardiac Center

City/Country: Nasiriyah, Iraq
Hospital: Nasiriyah Heart Center

City/Country: Monterrey, Mexico
Hospital: Centro Medico Hospital

City/Country: Monterrey, Mexico
Hospital: San Jose’-Tec de Mty

City/Country: Managua, Nicaragua
Hospital: Hospital La Mascota

City/Country: Lahore, Pakistan
Hospital: Children’s Hospital – Institute of Child’s Health

City/Country: Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hospital: AFIC/NIHD Rawalpindi

City/Country: Lima, Peru
Hospital: Hospital del Nino – Institute of Children’s Healthcare

City/Country: Lima, Peru
Hospital: National Heart Institute – INCOR

City/Country: Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia
Hospital: Kemerovo Cardiac Center

City/Country: Belgrade, Serbia
Hospital: Institute for Mother and Child Healthcare

City/Country: Kharkiv, Ukraine
Hospital: Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine Institute of General and Urgent Surgery

City/Country: Kyiv, Ukraine
Hospital: Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery


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