ICHF has over 20 years experience performing children’s heart surgeries in developing countries.  We have amassed a tremendous amount of learning, best practices and insights into the care of children in locations where resources are limited. We transfer this knowledge through training developing country medical professionals as well as educating academic scholars and working surgeons in the US and foreign countries through conferences and scholarly publications.


Fourteen Years of Pediatric Cardiac Assistance

This medically oriented academic article introduces the ICHF, the methods used, statistical results and challenges of doing pediatric cardiac surgery in developing countries.  For the full article, go to EP Lab Digest.


Training Medical Professionals in Developing Countries

Educational opportunities provided by the ICHF for foreign pediatric cardiac health care providers primarily occur during our mission trips abroad. However, a number of individuals have received extended training at our hospital affiliate sites in the US and South America. [read more...]


ICHF Clinical Research in Developing Countries

The ability to perform research suggests that a facility is interested in advancing itself.  In most of the countries ICHF serves, the facilities and funds necessary for basic research are simply not available to carry out research projects. [read more...]


Anomalous Left Coronary from the Pulmonary Artery (ALCAPA)

ICHF has developed a unique operation for this extremely rare malformation that enables surgeons with little experience to perform a corrective procedure at low risk. Read Dr. Novick’s technique here, published by the Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery… ALCAPA.

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