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# free heart surgeries for children since 1993: 7,096

After being founded as a medical charity, organizing its work and conducting 78 surgeries in Memphis, TN, the ICHF turned its focus to developing countries where children with congenital heart defects have no options. These countries span all continents.

The statistics on this page document the thousands of children whose lives ICHF has saved all around the world since its first Babyheart Medical Mission to Zagreb, Croatia in April, 1993. Local doctors trained by ICHF medical teams save thousands more. Our goal is to operate on 1000 children in 2013.

North America (where it all started)

City, CountryOperations

Memphis, TN, USA 78


City, CountryOperations

Belgrade, Yugoslavia 90
Kemerovo, Russia 166
Kharkiv, Ukraine 387
Kiev, Ukraine 122
Minsk, Belarus 406
Odessa, Ukraine 57
Sarajevo, Bosnia 51
Skopje, Macedonia 45
Zagreb, Croatia 616

Central America/Caribbean

City, CountryOperations

Kingston, Jamaica 15
Managua, Nicaragua 683
Santiago, Dominican Republic 498
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 21
Tegucigalpa, Honduras 408


City, CountryOperations

Almaty, Kazakhstan 63
Beijing, China 229
Chennai, India 34
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia 25
Hyderabad, India 187
Nanjing, China 94
Pune, India 19
Rawalpindi, Pakistan 327
Shanghai, China 92
Tashkent, Uzbekistan 11
Wuhan, China 40

South America

City, CountryOperations

Asuncion, Paraguay  6
Bogota, Colombia 346
Guayaquil, Ecuador 344
Lima, Peru 341
Maceio, Brazil 28
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 12

Middle East

City, CountryOperations

Basra, Iraq 52
East Jerusalem, Palestine 16
Kuwait City, Kuwait 11
Najaf, Iraq 72
Nasiriya, Iraq 420
Sulaymaniyah, Iraq 39


City, CountryOperations

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 22
Assiut, Egypt 55
Benghazi, Libya 139
Enugu, Nigeria 12
Khartoum, Sudan 102
Rabat, Morocco 31

All Countries