Babyheart Thanks You!

Valentines-Day (596x352)

What a great way to raise awareness and funds for congenital heart defects! By partnering with Women’s Voices for Change, ICHF has opened up heart awareness to a whole new audience. The recent Valentine’s Day Romantic Movie Survey was a smash hit! What movie won the survey? It’s no surprise The Notebook, starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mcadams, was the big winner among survey-takers. We are also happy to announce that plenty of fellas took the survey and voiced their opinions on the best romantic movie of all time. Thanks to all of our readers, followers and medical volunteers for spreading the word and sharing this survey with everyone under the sun. We achieved a new level of awareness for pediatric cardiac heart issues and we are happy to announce we raised a few dollars for future Babyheart children in need of surgery. Due to the success of this new partnership, Babyheart will receive a donation from Women’s Voices for Change for $10,415! We cannot think of a better way to celebrate Heart Awareness Month than this campaign.

Many of our Babyheart medical volunteers around the world jumped right in to take the survey and shared the link with their network of friends and professionals. ICHF was able to get the word out to other supporters such as the NFL’s Charles Tillman who retweeted the movie link to his 100+ followers and public speaker Terri Murphy shared with her 5,000+ followers.

This was a fun and enriching experience for everyone involved. We wish to express our thanks again to Women’s Voices for Change for their incredible support and allowing Babyheart to gain a new audience for our cause to save children around the world suffering from congenital heart disease.

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