Stephanie March of Law and Order, visits ICHF Babyheart Medical Mission in Kharkiv, Ukraine

During the week of November 10-17th, the International Children’s Heart Foundation program in Kharkiv, Ukraine received some very distinguished guests. US TV actress, Stephanie March of Law and Order fame, and a strong child health advocate, visited the Kharkiv Center of Cardiac Surgery, where ICHF volunteer medical missions average 5 trips a year, operating on […]

Changing the Center

According to Muhammad, a 25 year-old cardiac surgical resident – and part of the newly launched ICHF mission – Nasiriyah is a small town, with only around two million residents. It is not the center of things. Not yet at least. His dream growing, up in Baghdad (a city of about 6 million), was always […]

A Drive Through Iraq

The 4:10 flight from Istanbul came in a little early. Even though many of us had been up all night traveling, the ICHF team was excited to get to work. Nabwa Qaragholi, the determined Executive Director of Living Light International, met the team at the Basra Airport. With a lethal combination of kindness and pushiness, […]