And We’re Walking…

Almotasim’s cousin told us that the patient was an active boy. Colette, the Canadian ICU nurse, assured him that the 12 year old was about to be a lot more active. At about eight thirty the previous evening, Almotasim had come up to the ICU from surgery with the usual array of kit and tubing […]

A Sensible Sort of Hope

It is always interesting to reckon what a child is thinking, but when the child has been born into a world utterly incomprehensible to the American child, the exercise gets really interesting. As he is being transferred from the bed to the operating table, Mohammed is looking stoic and brave and very much a child […]

Babyheart Hits the Ground Running in Benghazi

Performing better than twenty heart surgeries in two weeks, producing rich world outcomes under emerging world conditions, the ICHF has never been an organization to waste a lot of time. This was vividly illustrated on November 26th, day one of the foundation’s second trip to Benghazi, Libya. Dr. Kathleen Fenton, who has overseen Operation Babyheart […]

Stephanie March of Law and Order, visits ICHF Babyheart Medical Mission in Kharkiv, Ukraine

During the week of November 10-17th, the International Children’s Heart Foundation program in Kharkiv, Ukraine received some very distinguished guests. US TV actress, Stephanie March of Law and Order fame, and a strong child health advocate, visited the Kharkiv Center of Cardiac Surgery, where ICHF volunteer medical missions average 5 trips a year, operating on […]