LiveYourPassion February 2008 Fund Raising Campaign

Saturday March 01, 2008 04:43:57 PM



ICHF's passionate medical teams have saved over 3,000 children in 20 different countries.

In 2008, our goal is to save 500 more in developing and transitional countries.

To do this ICHF needs $1,000,000 to fund the medical trips to the countries where the children live.

Why is this mission so critical?

  • 1 in 100 children are born each year with a heart defect.
  • Nearly twice as many children die each year from congenital heart defect than from all childhood cancers combined.
  • 6 million children are waiting  for heart surgery in third world, emerging and transitional countries.
  • Without treatment, 20% of children with heart defects will die within the first few weeks of their lives.
  • Thousands of children in impovrished and underdeveloped countries die each year from congential heart defects

Your donation makes a difference!

  • 92.8% of all ICHF funding goes to program services to directly save children
  • 3.8% provides administrative support
  • 3.4% supports fundraising

Make a donation directly online or by calling ICHF

  • (901) 869-4243 (local in  Memphis),
  • +1 (877) 869-4243 office (toll-free),
  • +1 (901) 869-4243 office (from outside USA)

Although any amount you can afford to give is appreciated, here's what your dollars can do to save children:

Donation  Sponsor Type Speical Thank You Gifts
$35,000 Surgical Trip Frederique Constant Ladies Double Heartbeat Watch
Emerald 14K Gold Pendant
Pictures of the children you helped save
$15,000 Heartbeat Watch  Frederique Constant Ladies Double Heartbeat Watch
$2,500 Heart Pendant Emerald 14K Gold Pendant
$1,750 Child Surgery  Pictures of the children you helped save
$1,200 Travel Team Member 
$500 Surgical Supplies 
$100 Medical Books 
$50 Medicines 

Make a donation in February to repair children's congential heart defects!