Galli Fund with $30 of goal

Wednesday December 31, 2008 06:08:14 PM

Lt. Jobe GalliAfter helping to save one Afghan child this year, Navy Lt. Jobe Galli continues his good work.  He's identified two more Afghan children.  

To save both children will cost $10,000.  Please help Lt. Galli raise funds. Make a financial donation to ICHF.  The Tiara Tea Society is helping raise funds for Lt. Galli. Go to the ICHF Make a Donation page, when you make your donation, enter "The Galli Fund" in the comments field. Track progess toward the $10,000 goal: As of March 2008 -- $9,971 has been raised.

Goal: $10,000
Cell = $1000

NassirRashedaThe first child is  Rasheda, a two year old girl with an atrial septal defect. The second child is Nassir, Rasheda's cousin, who is a twelve year old boy with tetralogy of Fallot.