Tiara Tea Society High Tea - Fall 2008

Monday September 01, 2008 03:34:47 PM

Tiara Tea Society

 Grand Dame High Tea

The Tiara Tea Society is a group of women who are contributors to the community. They dare to be different, take a stand and make a choice to help others. All membership fees ($50.00/year) goes directly to the charity that the Society has chosen to support. For 2008, ICHF is their recipient. To learn more about the Tiara Tea Society go to www.tiarateasociety.com.

Join the Tiara Tea Society to honor ICHF and raise funds to help two little girls. The first is Sasha (Alexandra) Bogomolova, age 2, from Belarus. Her congential heart defect must be repaired in March, 2008. The second is Rasheda, a two year old girl from Mazar-e Sharif, Afganistan. Tiara Tea Society is collaborating with the U.S. military to raise money for Rasheda. The tea is loads of fun and is given for an excellent cause!

Date & time: September 2008
Where: Chez Philippe Restaurant at the Peabody Hotel
149 Union Ave., Memphis, TN
Dress: Tiara and long gown (optional)

Reservations required: Call Eva Lyn BIshop 901.377.6065 or 901.210.3516

Tiara Tea Society Membership: $50.00 check made out to the ICHF (mailed to ICHF at 1750 Madison AVe, Memphis, TN, 38104 or brought to the tea)
Tea cost: $26.99 paid directly to Chez Philippe (credit card, cash or check the day of the event; include tip and free valet parking)