Artist Michael Maness creates paintings for ICHF

Monday November 05, 2007 10:34:15 AM

Michael Maness"I was so impressed by Dr. Novick and his volunteer medical team when I saw the Chernobyl Heart film this spring, that I had to get involved with the International Children's Heart Foundation," said Michael Maness. As a four time cancer survivor who hasn't always had good experiences with surgeons, he jumped at the chance to help a surgeon whose life's work is selfless, giving up the "good life" to save children who might otherwise be forgotten. 

Maness paints whatever is around him. As a former cartoonist and commercial artist, he has the unique ability to capture the essence of his subject, whether it's an athletic event, a location, personality, music or the work of a favorite charity. For ICHF, Michael paints hearts, two of which are on this page.  These paintings were donated for auction at two recent ICHF fund raising events. Additionally, Mr. Maness donates 10% of all painting sales at an ICHF fund raising event. 

We asked Michael what else he'd like to do with ICHF. He eyss twinkled when hHeart of New York by Michael Manesse said, "I would love to go on a mission trip. I'd paint the little towns, the children and the good work of Dr. Novick and his teams. Nothing would thrill me more."

ICHF thanks Michael Maness for lending his talent to our mission -- the elimination of congenital heart defects in children in developing and transitional countries around the world. We look forward to his continued involvement and sharing of his exciting, colorful talent. To read more about Maness's life and work, please visit his website,