Meet Kori Bell, ICHF's new special events coordinator

Tuesday April 15, 2008 04:59:53 PM

Kori Bell, ICHF Special Events CoordinatorWe are pleased to welcome Kori Bell to the ICHF team! Kori brings drive and experience to ICHF. She's an experienced event coordinator doing everything from public relations, budget management, contracts, website development, marketing, site preparation and customer care before and during events.

Kori has an AAS degree in Sign Language Interpreting. She's applied these skills at churches and other volunteer and paid venues. She's also participated in fund raising for cancer research and various medical needs.

At ICHF, Kori coordinates special events, especially ICHF major fund raisers in the spring and fall. She is also the executive assistant to Sandy McMahan, the ICHF Administrative Director, and Dr. Novick, the medical director. She brings a new level of professionalism to the job.

Her hobbies are modeling, acting and photography.