Ecuador signs exclusive health agreement with ICHF

Wednesday July 06, 2011 05:08:28 PM

International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF) announced today that they have signed an exclusive and unprecidented agreement with the Ecuadorian government to perform pediatric cardiac surgery in their country.  ICHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing lifesaving surgical care to children with congenital heart disease throughout the developing world.

The agreement was signed by ICHF CEO Alberto Marzan and the Minister of Health in Ecuador, Dr. David Chiriboga.  It specifies that ICHF will travel from the United States five times per year to perform an approximate total of  80-100 lifesaving surgeries at the Icaza Bustamante Children’s Hospital.  The agreement also enables the local doctors and nurses to benefit from ICHF’s educational curriculum which will give them the skills to carry out complex surgeries independently.

“This is a monumental partnership with the Ecuadorian government because it highlights the importance of our educational  curriculum,” said Marzan.  “ ICHF isn’t only going into Ecuador and performing these surgeries and leaving.  We’re empowering the local professionals at Bustamante to be self sufficient within a 5 year time frame.”