Wine Pairing Fund Raiser Succeeds!

Friday November 02, 2007 11:25:39 AM

Host Rodney Schutt (Board Member and Greg Firtik (auctioneer the event) On November 2nd, over fifty people attended the dinner and auction sponsored by the Wine Club and Rodney Schutt, ICHF board member at the South WInd Country Club. At left is a picture of Rodney Schutt and Auctioneer, Greg Firtik.  At right is artist Phillipe Sommet from France with his painting "La Famile" which was auctioned off at the event. Over $6,000 was raised. 

Phillipe will be donating his talents for the ICHF fashion show in September 2008 that is Artist Phillipe Sommet, painting LIVE auction "La Famile"planned to be held in New York City. You can view Phillipe's work at