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As we continue to provide services for children around the world we are at times overwhelmed by the financial needs for operating the foundation. Please consider assisting the foundation in the efforts of helping children around the world. Consider making a contribution to the foundation to continue serving the cardiac needs of children all over the world.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to do heart surgery on a child?
It depends. Some of the factors that determine the cost are the country we are going to, hotel charges, airline fares, the amount of medical supplies and equipment that has been donated, size of the medical team going, and where they are traveling from. As an example, going to Nicaragua usually costs around $18,000, assuming the medical supplies are donated, which they often are. During a two week trip the medical team typically operates on between 15 - 20 children. The average cost/surgery is between $900 - $1,125, when you look at our expenses only. Other countries, like China, are significantly more expensive.

How often do you receive requests for pediatric surgery?
Every day. In the last 2 days I have received 3 emails requesting our services. The foundation also receives letters and faxes directed to Dr. Novick from parents and relatives of children with heart disease. These requests arrive every week from all over the world.

How often are surgical trips made?
Over the years that number has increased significantly. This year, we have gone on trips every month and that will continue through the end of this year. The team in Nicaragua was composed of volunteers from five different countries. This was a giant step forward for us as we continue to grow.

How many medical volunteers are involved with the Foundation's efforts?
As of August, we had almost 300 medical professionals who are registered and certified to travel and teach with our medical staff.

Are the medical volunteers compensated?
The medical volunteers are just that, volunteers. Usually they will schedule trips with us on their vacations and in some cases the medical institutions they are affiliated with allow them to take time off for humanitarian efforts.

What is the biggest need of the Foundation?
Simply stated, it is money. Although we work diligently to get as many things as possible donated, there are still staff salaries to be paid and there are always expenses related to trips, for instance the shipping of medical supplies. Our only limitation in the number of children's lives we can save is the ability to fund more trips.

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