Rodney Schutt joins ICHF board

Friday January 25, 2008 03:11:39 PM


Rodney SchuttAs a kid, Rodney Schutt had two conflicting dreams - he wanted to be a doctor and a baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds.  But, as fate would have it, he ended up in computer science and melded that knowledge with his passion for people and health care. Now, as the Chief Operating Officer of Memphis' bio-tech company, Luminetx (, he's leading the start-up to new heights in bio-technology field.

Like so many connections in Memphis, he learned of ICHF from his neighbors and fell in love with ICHF's passion to give back to the world what Americans take for granted - the skills and technology to repair congenital heart defects in children. He jumped onto ICHF's board when invited and immediately sponsored the "Wine Pairing" dinner fund raiser for ICHF in the fall 2007.

When asked why he chose ICHF, Rodney explained, "I want to be involved with organizations that have true redeeming social value. Dr. Novick and the ICHF volunteer medical teams save lives where there was little hope.  It's like the 2000 movie starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, ‘Pay it forward'. ICHF teams go around the world creating miracles for children with congenital heart defects in developing countries. ICHF wants the children they save to go forward in life to do good deeds. ICHF also wants the hospitals and agencies that host the medical teams to do good deeds for more children. Toward that end, ICHF medical teams train in-country doctors, nurses and technicians to help more children."

Rodney sees the ICHF medical teams as powerful agents for change around the world. As he explains it, "ICHF is all about the people [children] and all about team work. The ICHF volunteer medical teams are high-powered change agents who mentor, coach and work for others. Those teams guarantee success. I am honored to be a board member. I'm committed to help ICHF grow."