Renee Sanchez RN, B.S.N

Thursday November 12, 2009 03:09:54 PM

            Renee Sanchez with child  

I just wanted to say thank you to ICHF for giving such a life changing opportunity by attending the 2009 October Dominican Republic Mission trip.  I really had the time of my life and have    become a changed nurse since the trip. 
               It has inspired to me to do more and reach out and appreciate what it is to be a nurse for pediatric cardiac patients.  I can't thank you all enough.  It was an amazing experience.  With that said, I would be honored to be a part of another mission.  I am interested in the Brazil mission and doing another Dominican Republic mission again possibly later in the year.
               Frank it was a true honor to meet you.  You are an amazing person and I look up to you and all your advice.  Its a great thing you are doing and I am impressed at all your knowledge.  I look forward to hopefully working with you again in the future. Thank you again!!
               Thank you so much for all and any opportunities to be a part of this great

Renee M. Sanchez  RN B.S.N. Level E

Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic ICU Pod A