Mack Rodd

Monday February 14, 2011 11:57:26 AM

OK everybody, here's something new for the International Children's Heart Foundation.  We have a fan in Mack Rodd, .  Mr. Rodd has written a song called "Ike& Tina", it's a love story.  He wants you to send us your love story.  We will decide which one we think is the best and the winner will be in the music video for the song.  The video is set to be produced in May 2011.  Take a listen




  On Feb 11, 2011 UROC Records
> is making history and will release their first song "IKE & TINA" by
> Mack Rodd. "IKE & TINA" is a song about love.   

Send in your Love Story, Photo and Donation (any amount) to
> International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF)
> Saving Babies Hearts all over the world! Contest Starts Feb 14-April
> 14, 2011 Winner will be in Mack Rodd's music video filmed in May 2011.
> We are looking for the best Love Story ... write from the heart ...tell
> us your love story, how you met your loved one, someone that inspired
> you, lifted your spirit, your's all about Love for the
> International Children's Heart Foundation!


 Disclaimer: The International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF) and their employees and affiliates are not responsible for the making of the video or production of the music video. Winner will be announced in all media including print, online, radio, television associated with ICHF and with UROC Records and MVP3 Entertainment Group. Winner will be required to sign all release forms prior to the making of the video and announcements. The contest is for marketing purposes and to help raise awareness and donations to to help save babies all over the world. There are no refunds. Mail your charitable donation made payable directly to the International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF), 1750 Madison, Suite #500, Memphis, TN 38104. Your story and charitable donation must to received by April 14th, 2011 at midnight (central time) to qualify. For more information visit ;