The International Children's Heart Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Memphis, Tennessee. We are dedicated to helping children with congenital or acquired heart disease in developing countries throughout the world. We serve all children without respect to their race, religion or sex. Our primary goal is to make ourselves obsolete in the countries that we serve. To this end, we strive to educate the health care professionals in the countries we travel and bring them to the United States for advanced study so that they may better serve their own children.

Mission 83: Bogotá, Colombia, March/April 2003
mission complete April 12, 2003 (229 days ago)

The ICHF team operated in Bogotá, Colombia from March 30 to April 12. During this time, 44 infants and children received surgery. Team members included Dr. William Novick (Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon), Mr. Matt Davis (Chief Perfusionist), Ms. Martina Pavanic (Chief Surgical Nurse), Dr. Karen Guillory (Intensivist), Dr. Robert Reid (Intensivist), Ms. Whitney Sahadi (Critical Care Nurse), Ms. Joanne Price (Critical Care Nurse) and Ms. Lois Suzuki (Critical Care Nurse).

Colombia Mission April 2003

Colombia regularly performs pediatric cardiac surgery at the Hospital de Clinica Shaio in Bogotá, spearheaded by pediatric cardiac surgeon, Dr. Nestor Sandoval. The children our team operated on were all from poor families from all over Colombia and were operated on free of charge by our team. Additionally, we provided over $70,000 in medicines and supplies for the operations. Funding for this trip was provided by local groups and organizations in Colombia. Shipping for our medical supplies was provided by FedEx.

Colombia is home for 41 million people. Centrally located and sitting at 8,000 feet, Bogotá is the capital of this country. This is the second ICHF mission to Colombia. Ravaged by a 38-year civil war, Colombia faces economic challenges. Each year, 3,000 children are diagnosed with life-threatening heart disease in this country. The International Children's Heart Foundation strives to put a dent in this unfortunate situation by providing direct care to as many children as possible, sending medications, surgical supplies and diagnostic equipment to medical facilities around the world and helping train surgeons from developing nations in this special field, so that they ultimately can provide care for their own people.


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