We are pleased to announce the release of the Oscar® winning film "Chernobyl Heart" - the second film in the double feature HBO® documentary series "America Undercover" airing in September. The film will premiere September 9th on HBO and will continue to air throughout the month of September. Featuring the work of the International Children's Heart Foundation in Belarus and Adi Roche of the Chernobyl Children's Project International, the documentary focuses on the continuing effects of Chernobyl on the children of Belarus.  A schedule of the HBO airing times is available here.
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The KANU HEART FOUNDATION provided majority support for this mission to Nigeria. This foundation was established by the Nigerian Professional Footballer Kanu Nwankwo to help young children who suffer from heart conditions in Nigeria. Mr. Nwankwo has been the African Footballer of the Year twice, and is a star player with the English Premiership giants Arsenal F.C.

The Engineering World Health (EWH) organization, founded by University of Memphis biomedical engineer Robert Malkin, has provided critical biomedical engineers, biomedical monitors and other equipment for missions. Given the existing infrastructure in Enugu, the mission could not have been conducted without EWH's outstanding support.

FedEx has been an invaluable corporate friend of ICHF. They have shipped, free of charge, literally tons of equipment and drugs throughout the years of ICHF operation. We would not be able to operate without them. On this particular mission, FedEx shipped all of our freight on time as they always have. The delay in receiving the equipment and drugs in Enugu was caused by the Government of Nigeria's Customs Office which took an unexpected amount of time to clear our humanitarian medical shipment.

Individual donations assisted with ICHF administrative expenses required in preparing for and conducting this mission. As we continue to provide services for children around the world we are at times overwhelmed by the financial needs for operating the foundation. Please consider assisting the foundation in the efforts of helping children around the world. Please consider making a contribution to the Foundation to continue serving the cardiac needs of children all over the world.

Lastly, the individual team members donated their time and energy on this challenging mission without any compensation. These twenty individuals took time away from their families and professions to work harder than many can imagine. They did this enthusiasm, energy, and a deep compassion for theNigerian children. Their dedication is what drives ICHF.

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The International Children's Heart Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Memphis, Tennessee. We are dedicated to helping children with congenital or acquired heart disease in developing countries throughout the world. We serve all children without respect to their race, religion or sex. Our primary goal is to make ourselves obsolete in the countries that we serve. To this end, we strive to educate the health care professionals in the countries we travel and bring them to the United States for advanced study so that they may better serve their own children.
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