Mathias and Family Return for Babyheart Reunion!


Mathias Valentin Carpio Mendoza

Mathias received his operation from our team last September 2012. Mathias was diagnosed 1 month after his birth with a VSD. His parents felt lost and hopeless as they were told no one could treat his defect. They said their hope was renewed when they found out about ICHF.  Once Mathias was selected for operation, his family was very worried and nervous for their son and his operation, but they knew it would be his only chance. Now, they are so happy and honored for their son who is much healthier. See attached blog post from Bryan when he met Mathias last September.

On September 30th, 2013, they traveled from home to see our team and then go see the city of Guayaquil. They brought an Ecuadorian team soccer shirt that, with the help of his father, brother and Carlos from Zorayda’s Foundation, Mathias traced his hands and signed for Bryan Artiles.

His father posted on Bryan’s facebook post regarding the shirt, “It is an honor that the shirt that represents my country Ecuador is in his family since it represents the love and esteem of all children who have healed his heart especially my son Mathias.”

His family explained that everything has changed for their son now that his heart is repaired. He is much more active and attends school now, where beforehand he was too weak to go. He is breathing easier and has grown a lot since his repair. When I gave Mathias an ICHF t-shirt (size Medium which was much bigger than himself) his father said, now his son can grow up thanks to his heart operation, and one day he will fit in this shirt.

Mathias enjoys playing computer games and soccer. He is very social and has his own Facebook.

Mathias and his family love Bryan and will hold him and our team in their hearts forever. (Every time we took a photo, they would say, “Hello Bryan Artiles!”) On Mathias’ Facebook, he posted this with his photos from the visit, “Enjoy these family vacation visiting the sick, going to church and thank God for all that I filled with goodness ….”

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