Mia’s Mission…to save children’s hearts

Mia (480x640)

Mia Hattaway is only 7 years old and she raised $125 for the International Children’s Heart Foundation. She was getting tired of the fundraisers at her school and never knowing where or who her money was helping. Because she lost her grandfather to heart problems she wanted to explore charities that served people suffering from heart conditions. She and her mother found the International Children’s Heart Foundation via the 4 star rating on Charity Navigator. They visited the website, Babyheart.org, saw the pics and videos and knew they found the right place, an organization that helps children Mia’s age and all ages suffering from congenital heart defects. She applied something she loved doing, making rainbow bracelets, and posted her own fundraising page.

The funds she raised have gone towards children in the latest Babyheart mission in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Mia’s Mission

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