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Patient Referral Process
Think about this.....A World-Wide army of volunteers is involved in the process of bringing each child to Memphis for surgery.

First, a doctor in a village or small town sends a young patient to a cardiologist who may be in Zagreb, Croatia, or Managua, Nicaragua or any other large city in any developing or third world country. If the cardiologist determines the child has heart disease and may be a candidate for surgery, he contacts the International Children's Heart Foundation.

Frequently, the first contact may be by fax or by phone, but it is invariably followed by a letter with the child's medical records and almost unfailingly with a photograph attached--one of an adorable, big-eyed child whom our hearts cannot resist. The International Children's Heart Foundation swings into gear, contacting a number of charities at home and abroad to assist in covering the cost of the child and the parents' airfare and the child's hospitalization. Surgical product companies are asked to donate any special implantable devices that may be needed for the child's surgery. The US embassy in the country of the child's origin is contacted to arrange for visas and the whole process of bringing the child and a parent to Memphis is started.

Locally a host family is found for the child and parent. The local family will provide housing, local transportation, meals and much needed psychological support during the visit to Memphis. Once this process is completed and a date is set for admission to LeBonheur Children's Medical Center the child and parent are flown to Memphis. The length of stay is determined by the child's condition and the nature of the heart problem, but it is commonly two to three weeks.

If all goes well, the child and parent return home with stories of kindness of the doctors and nurses and their new friends in the Mid-South and the ICHF.

Memphis Mardi Gras 2002!
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2002. The parade will begin at 7:00 p.m. through the streets of downtown Memphis and a fabulous ball will begin immediately afterwards. For all the details, go to
ICHF Annual Golf Tournament
Our Sixth Annual Golf Tournament has been rescheduled for Spring 2002. If you would like to reserve your place now, be a hole or team sponsor, please let us know. All proceeds will support the life saving medical missions our foundation provides. Price per team is $500. Price per player is $125.
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