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As we continue to provide services for children around the world we are at times overwhelmed by the financial needs for operating the foundation. Please consider assisting the foundation in the efforts of helping children around the world. Consider making a contribution to the foundation to continue serving the cardiac needs of children all over the world.

ICHF Photographs
Each Mission lasts about two weeks and entails countless hours of preparation.  Behind the scenes there are dozens of volunteers preparing the equipment and materials that will be used during surgery and while the team travels and works abroad.  The home team prepares data on children, traveling team members, and develops a package of equipment that must be shipped weeks ahead of time to ensure the equipment arrives.  The volunteers and small ICHF Staff work long hours in procuring many equipment and supply donations from medical suppliers. Nothing quite drives home the mission of ICHF like photos from the sites.  Please take a moment to view some photographs from our recent trip to Lima, Peru by photographer Troy Glasgow.

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