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Medtronic Foundation grants to nonprofit organizations, the company donated approximately $1,450,000 in Medtronic products to organizations that help indigent patients around the world. Recipients include  International Children's Heart Foundation 

Polystan is a perfusion company based in Copenhagen. They have generously donated 60 oxygenators to ICHF.

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Atrium Medical Corporation has been supportive of the ichf for several years with generous donations of chest drain systems and chest tubes.

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International Technodyne Company  donated three Hemochrom machines and hundreds of test kits for Venezuela.

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B.Braun Corporation provided the ICHF Team Medical supplies while the team was in Peru.

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Memphis Mardi Gras 2002!
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2002. The parade will begin at 7:00 p.m. through the streets of downtown Memphis and a fabulous ball will begin immediately afterwards. For all the details, go to
ICHF Annual Golf Tournament
Our Sixth Annual Golf Tournament has been rescheduled for Spring 2002. If you would like to reserve your place now, be a hole or team sponsor, please let us know. All proceeds will support the life saving medical missions our foundation provides. Price per team is $500. Price per player is $125.
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