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Terrorist Attacks Shock our Medical Team while in China
After a long day of surgery, our medical team members sat enjoying a peaceful dinner among fellow medical friends from China and Western Europe in the hotel restaurant where they were staying. As they began unwinding and enjoying one anotherís company, there was an eerie silence that immediately spread throughout the room. Each individual looked up at the nearby television and listened to the breaking news story from CNN that had been patched through to the local networks. The time was 9:30 p.m. when the devastating news was announced - the World Trade Centers had been attacked and were on fire. The coverage was not extensive therefore leaving each uninformed of the full severity of the attacks. The horrid images that appeared next told enough.

Our local friends shared in our grief of this devastating news as more details were reported. Each team member rushed to contact their families and friends to hear, with relief, everyone was safe. Immediately following, the group sat in shock and discussed the devastating events. They discussed what should be done about the remainder of the mission they had originally set out to accomplish. An unanimous vote was instantly taken in favor of continuing surgery as planned, realizing the desperate need for treatment each child was awaiting in Nanjing.

After the completion of the entire 17 scheduled surgeries, our medical team returned home, delighted to be en route to their loved ones.

We want each of our devoted team members and volunteers who were involved in the recent mission to Nanjing, China, to know how very much we appreciate their dedication to our mission.

It is because of them we are able to help save childrenís lives around the world.

Kate Brown, Intensivist, London, England
Ivona Cindric, Anesthesia tech., Zagreb, Croatia
Matthew Davis, Perfusion, Memphis, TN
Tracy Holmes, PICU nurse, Boston, MASS
Visnja Ivancan, Anesthesia, Zagreb, Croatia
Marilyn Maddox, PICU nurse, Kansas, MO
Carole Moreland, PICU nurse, London, England
William Novick, Surgeon, Memphis, TN
Matthew Palen, Respiratory, Memphis, TN
Martina Pavanic, Scrub nurse, Memphis, TN
Mary Dawn Reavey, PICU nurse, San Diego, CA
Mary Ann Reisco, PICU nurse, Kansas, MO
Whitney Sahadi, PICU nurse, Memphis, TN
Lara Shekerdemian , Intensivist, London, England

Memphis Mardi Gras 2002!
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2002. The parade will begin at 7:00 p.m. through the streets of downtown Memphis and a fabulous ball will begin immediately afterwards. For all the details, go to
ICHF Annual Golf Tournament
Our Sixth Annual Golf Tournament has been rescheduled for Spring 2002. If you would like to reserve your place now, be a hole or team sponsor, please let us know. All proceeds will support the life saving medical missions our foundation provides. Price per team is $500. Price per player is $125.
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