Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the International Children's Heart Foundation.  We are always in need of highly qualified physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, and biomedical engineers with specialization in pediatric cardiac surgery and intensive care.  We are also in need of NON-MEDICAL volunteers.  We need volunteer grant writers, volunteer Public Relations people, and volunteer advocates to speak to groups in their towns about our Foundation and mission, to increase awareness and support. It is volunteers like yourself which drive ICHF. Please complete the following web-based form.

is responsible for Volunteer Recruitment. She will receive your information and respond. If you do not receive a response from Martina, please feel free to write her at . Thank you again for your interest in ICHF.

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Please provide a brief vita and include your areas of expertise, certification, training, strengths and any other information which might be helpful:

You may also wish to review this ICHF Volunteer Handbook which was recently written by long-time ICHF volunteer and supporter It provides an overview of many issues encountered during missions. Additionally, a formal Application Form is included which may be completed and returned to ICHF via postal mail, fax, or email. When initially indicating a volunteer interest, you do not necessarily need to complete this more detailed form. The above brief web-based form is sufficient. However, you will be asked to complete this detailed form before being enlisted for a mission.

The formal application form may be sent to:

Ms. Martina Pavanic, R.N.
Surgical & Volunteer Coordinator
International Children's Heart Foundation
1750 Madison, Suite 100
Memphis, Tennessee 38104
United States of America

+1 (877) 869-4243 office (toll-free)
+1 (901) 869-4243 office (from outside USA)
+1 (901) 432-4243 facsimile

Adobe Reader is required to view this handbook and may be downloaded free of charge. If you have any difficulty viewing, downloading, or printing this handbook, please contact who will be pleased to send you a copy via email attachment.

The International Children's Heart Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization based in Memphis, Tennessee. We are dedicated to helping children with congenital or acquired heart disease in developing countries throughout the world. We serve all children without respect to their race, religion or sex. Our primary goal is to make ourselves obsolete in the countries that we serve. To this end, we strive to educate the health care professionals in the countries we travel and bring them to the United States for advanced study so that they may better serve their own children.
Copyright 2004, International Children's Heart Foundation.   We appreciate your interest and support.  Questions, inquiries, or comments regarding  and/or are always welcome.  You may save the life of a child by clicking here.  The knowledge that you made such a significant difference in the life of a child, a family, and a community is priceless.